Adult Badminton Coaching Lessons

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Come for a fun and useful badminton lesson with Chris and Leong where they provide you 30 minutes of badminton coaching for only RM10. We will focus on 1 technique each week (e.g. short service, net shots, etc). This badminton class is held on every Sunday, 4:00-4:30pm at USJ23 Badminton Centre, Subang Jaya, Malaysia.

It does not matter if you are a beginner! In fact that is why we welcome you to come and learn to be a better badminton player. We currently have both female and male students.

Why are we doing this? Firstly, we get a lot requests for badminton coaching and training. Secondly, it also breaks our heart every time we hear friends who cannot find a suitable group to play badminton with because they are beginners or below average players. They needed coaching. Since we always wanted to promote badminton as a community sport and we want to provide a chance to those who are willing to learn, we decided to come up with our own solution: a weekly class for those who want to improve their badminton skills.

Coach Profile

Subang Jaya Badminton Club's Coach
Badminton Coach, Chris Chung

Chris Chung has been teaching badminton for the past 6 years. Within that period, he coached college and university badminton teams for tournaments. He also teaches primary school children as they embark on this beautiful sport. Besides, Chris teaches many adults who are willing to learn and they are now enjoying badminton as their favorite social sport.

Chris has been an active badminton player in Malaysian Games (Sukma) representing the state of Sarawak, before turning to his passion of teaching badminton to the younger generation. Chris finds it extremely rewarding when his students are able to master the correct technique and play to their full potential. He wants to train and empower anyone who is willing to achieve better results in badminton.

Chris is a member of the Subang Jaya Badminton Club. He is always open to questions and patiently explaining to others on how to play with the correct technique. Our club players gained a lot of insights from Chris and continue to improve their game.

Subang Jaya Badminton Club's Physical Trainer
Training Coach, Leong

Leong is a trainer and he helps students to train and prepare for sport tournaments. He develops training programs and routines designed to improve the students’ athletic performance. He has helped many students to increase their fitness level (e.g. stamina) or reduce their weight in order to become better in badminton.

Leong now works closely with Chris to ensure that students train in a safe environment. Safety during sport is his top priority. His duties include ensuring that the badminton court does not have any items that could injure the students, teaching them the proper stretching and warm up exercises before practices (proper stretching can help to reduce the risk of injury during sports), keeping record of students’ performance, as well as motivating students when the training becomes challenging.

Leong is very passionate about badminton and he plays regularly at Subang Jaya Badminton Club. He also provide training advice to the club members.

Booking For Your Coaching Lesson

Time: 4pm – 4:30pm
Date: Every Sunday
Venue: USJ23 Badminton Centre, Jalan Subang 9, Taman Perindustrian Subang, Subang Jaya, 47500, Klang Valley, Selangor, Malaysia. (click here for our Google map location or visit our FAQ for driving directions from Summit USJ)


Age: From 10 years old to adults
Suitable Level: Beginner to average players (more importantly having interest to learn!)
Equipments: Please bring your own racquets, shoes and sport attires
Shuttles: We will provide used shuttles for training
Class Atmosphere: Discipline + exchange of light hearted jokes + patience coaches
Fee: RM10 per session


Booking: Just contact us if you are interested in joining us for a lesson this Sunday. Or you can leave us a message on our facebook page.


Photos of Badminton Coaching Class

Lessons on how to do a short service
Coach demonstrating the correct footwork and how to return net drops
Student’s turn to train their footwork as shown to them by Chris (Badminton Coach). Coach Leong is assisting by throwing shuttles at different places.
Chris (Badminton Coach) giving guidance to a student
Coach Leong (most left) throwing shuttles near the net to train student’s footwork. This also train the student in returning net drop shots.
Chris demonstrates and pointing out the area that needs improvement to a student
Student working hard on practice, while Chris observe and give guidance
Badminton Class in progress behind. They are taking a break.
Coach Leong using a roll of used shuttlecocks to help train the students
Students who have improved and have more confidence in their badminton skill can join our club members for a game of competitive badminton



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