Help & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I join?

If you are interested in joining us, come on over to our club and play with us. Then you can decide whether this is the club for you. Please let us be clear, you do not need to join the club immediately as we would also like some time to know you better. Join only when you and our club members feel comfortable that you will have an enjoyable time here with us. We would encourage you to contact us before you come just so that we know you are coming and also notify you of the court number which we are playing in.

You can reach us by using email: info[at] or connect with us through our facebook messenger.

If you like to keep updated with our latest news and events, do “like” us on our facebook page.

What is the right standard for this club?

In order to join the club and have an enjoyable game with us, you will need to be of intermediate level and above. In our experience that would mean:

  1. That you have been playing badminton regularly for the last 1 year or more, &
  2. That you are familiar with the principles, strategy and tactics of the game. This includes attacking and defensive position for level doubles and mixed doubles, &
  3. That you have the appropriate attire and gear for the sport.

Therefore, this club may not be suitable for beginners. The above standard is set with the aim to create and maintain enjoyable competitive games for all players.

Do you provide any classes or training for children?

We do run a badminton class for children on every Sunday, 11am-1pm. It is meant for children at beginners level. Click here to learn about the Children Badminton Class.

Does the club take in female players?

Female players are welcome as we have several regular female players currently. Although we generally have more male players than female players, we do play mixed doubles regularly. We are looking for additional female players so that ladies doubles matches can also be played regularly.

Is there any etiquette rules I need to follow?

Yes! We strictly do not tolerate any swearing or the use of foul language or bad sportsmanship during the games. You will be asked to leave the club for repeated offenses.

Additionally, we always encourage our players on court to exchange handshake after completing a game.

Is there any form of betting involved?

We do not engage in any form of betting involving any monetary sum. We believe that having like minded people with the similar skill level is enough to create an enjoyable game.

What is your club policy?

  1. No betting involving any monetary sum
  2. Club session are friendly competitive matches, please uphold good sportsmanship
  3. Please use shuttles with care
  4. Please pay before play to minimise treasurer’s workload
  5. Walk-ins please email to reserve spots

How much does it cost?

For Male players:

Membership costs RM70 per month which is payable on the first week of the month to the club treasurer. This includes shuttles and two hours of play every Sunday. Alternatively, you can pay RM20 for every session you attend.

For Female Players:

Monthly membership will cost RM60. Alternatively, you can pay RM18 for every session you attend.

Why is there a difference in fee for male and female badminton player?

We would like to encourage more female players to come play badminton in our club. We currently have 2-3 regular female players. With this fee structure, we would like to grow a balance team and social club so that women doubles and mixed doubles can be played often too.

Where do we play?

We are based at the Forum Optimum Badminton Centre, Lot 791, Persiaran Subang Indah, Taman Perindustrian Subang, 47610 Subang Jaya, Klang Valley, Selangor, Malaysia (Badminton court located at the back of the property. The property is just beside the USJ Honda 4S Centre), and yes you will need personal transport to reach here. You can view the map to our club here.

These are the GPS coordinates: 3°02’33.9″N 101°35’40.5″E

I know how to get myself to Summit USJ, can you give me directions from there onwards to your venue?

1. First, Summit USJ should be on your left hand side.
2. Go straight from there, and you pass by a Shell Petrol Station on your left. Go straight on and you will see a Police Station on your left (it is a big blue building).
3. After the Police Station, you will come to a traffic light. Take a left turn and go straight.
4. By going straight, you will need to go pass 2 traffic lights.
5. After the final traffic light, you will see the Badminton court Enerz and also Honda service center on your right.
6. Make a U-turn to enter Enerz. You can park your car around the building. The badminton court is located towards the end of the building.

Where do I park my car?

Parking spaces are plentiful here but we do advise you not to leave any valuables in your car.

What time do we play?

We play from 4pm to 6pm every Sunday. If there is any cancellation, we will make announcement on this website.

What if I cannot make it for badminton every week or can’t make it by 4pm on Sunday?

Do not worry! As a member of our badminton club, you are not required to come every week, nor are you require to be at the court at 4 pm. However, we would appreciate if you can be punctual so that everyone can start the game on time, just so that we do not waste money on court which no one is there to play. In practice, we usually arrive 10 minutes earlier to do warm up. It is also entirely up to you what time you want to leave.

How big is the club?

At the moment, we have about 15-20 members who come to play for fun (as well as for glory!).

What court do you play on?

We play on both rubber and wood court. But in practice, we always try to get the rubber courts first.

What shuttle do you use to play?

We use feather shuttles only. With the right technique, a feather shuttle can last for 1 game if not more. Once you have completed a game and if the shuttle is still in good condition, please leave it in the center of the court below the net for the next group of players.

New feather shuttlecocks will be available for games given out by the club treasurer. If you want to warm up or exercise please use knockers which we have collected from previous sessions.

We would also appreciate if you could help us to gather up the used shuttles at the end of the session so that we can use it as knockers in the following weeks. Just pass them back to the club treasurer.

What sort of games do you play?

Most of our time is spend on doubles game as it allows more players to participate in. We are keen for female players to join us as we currently have more male players in the club. We wish to strive for a balance so that women doubles and mixed doubles can be played more often.

Do I get to choose my game or partner?

We try not to tell you what games you should play because we appreciate that everyone have the freedom to choose. We would encourage our players to take the initiative to mix up the games and also having different doubles partner for each new game. This is to ensure that each player gets the opportunity for exposing themselves to different strength and styles of another player. And this in our experience, will help to make a player better.

However, if that is not happening (hopefully that will not be the case!), the club treasurer will intervene and arrange the games.

Do you play in any tournaments?

We are currently not playing in any tournaments. However, we do arrange for friendly games with other badminton clubs in Malaysia as well as badminton clubs in other countries.

How about insurance?

We are a group of private individual coming together to play badminton for enjoyment. Hence, we shall not accept any liability for any loss of property or injury, however or whenever sustained by participating in the badminton club. We would advise you to obtain your own insurance (i.e. personal accident or medical insurance) if you want to cover yourself.

Do you have social gatherings?

We do have some informal socials events throughout the year just to show that we are not always so serious about badminton. We have drinks or even watch some super series together. Some of our members also go for drinks after the Sunday session.

How can I find out more about the club?

Didn’t find your answers in our FAQ? Please feel free to contact us with your questions.

Badminton Club in Subang Jaya, USJ 23, Klang Valley, Selangor, Malaysia