Softclub Badminton Club, Macau

We began our friendship with Softclub Badminton Club in 2011. Softclub Badminton Club is based at Macau and they play regularly at different badminton courts situated across Macau.

Their mission is to build long lasting friendships through playing badminton. Subang Jaya Badminton Club is proud to share similar value to build honest relationship with all our members and friends through playing this wonderful sport.

Members of Softclub Badminton Club participate regularly in many different leagues and championships. They have won many trophies through their participation in competitions. Besides that, they also played friendly games with badminton clubs from China and other countries.

They are happy to welcome any badminton players who find themselves in Macau to join them for a game. You will be able to check their latest playing schedule and venue information on their Facebook page.

Softclub Badminton Club Group Photo

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