A Quest to Fulfil Childhood Badminton Dream

A friend of ours had a childhood dream of meeting the world’s top badminton players and that dream came true recently. How did he do it? Peter Phang, a youth from Seremban, Malaysia, did it by volunteering at the Olympic Games London 2012.

Still remember the recent London Olympic Games where Lee Chong Wei fought an epic battle with Lin Dan? That was the sport event where Peter was volunteering at. Yes, you guess it right. Peter is also an avid badminton lover just like us!

As one of the Wembley Team London Ambassadors, Peter’s primary duty was to ensure that Olympic visitors have a good viewing experience. He went through a lot of training and rehearsals, months before the Olympic begun, to become familiar with the Olympic events, venues routes and even the complex London Underground station map. For example, if anyone was unsure of where the Badminton games were being played, Peter was there to help. His team of ambassadors were in charge of the Wembley Arena where the Badminton tournaments are being held.

Why did he volunteer? Peter told us that being a volunteer on the sports he loves meant a lot to him. Not only did he get to watch his idols play in the court but also getting a unique experience of the Olympic Games.

In his journey of volunteering, he obtained the chance to fulfil his childhood dream. It helped a lot when you have unrestricted access to the Athletes’ Entrance where the players were, you know. He met with our world number one player Lee Chong Wei as well as Peter Gade of Denmark.

Peter meeting Lee Chong Wei
Peter meeting Peter Gade!

When asked what is the most important thing he learned being a London Ambassador? “Be polite, smile always and try to help in any way you could,” he said. And meeting your idols might just be the bonus!

We hope Peter’s journey and passion would encourage you to take action in fulfilling your dreams too!

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