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My Visit To The Land of Badminton in Europe

I have been playing at Subang Jaya Badminton Club since 2010. Since then, i remember that we have been receiving visits from players all over the world such as France, Ireland, Australia, Czech Republic, China, Hong Kong, Denmark, Sweden, Indonesia, Philippine, Japanese and etc. So this time it is my turn to visit Denmark for badminton! 🙂

I arrived in Denmark early January and I must say it was freezing cold!  Definitely not the usual hot weather we play our badminton in.

I contacted a local friend for places to play badminton. Through his introduction, I got connected with the Skive Resen Badminton Club. I was invited for friendly game with them so I gladly pack my badminton gears for the visit.

I played with many professional players, veterans and even youngsters. The one thing common in them, they are really passionate about badminton. I was happy to found like minded people in this cold country. 🙂

Skive Resen Badminton Club is a badminton club that provides badminton playing sessions for players from young to old.

Subang Jaya Badminton Club Youth in Denmark
Denmark friends
Subang Jaya Badminton Club Denmark Mens Team
Denmark Men Team


During my few months visit to Denmark, I observed that there are very few casual games for casual badminton players. This is because they generally have to pay club member fees (about RM1700 per year) and they get to play 2 times a week for two hours session. Perhaps we in Malaysia are quite blessed because the badminton game is easily affordable by everyone?

Many friends ask me whether Denmark has a lot of people playing badminton. Before i visited denmark, i thought so too.

Contrary to my first assumption, I found out that even badminton is not the most popular sport for people in Denmark. Even though Denmark has one of the strongest badminton team in the world, their people seem to love their hand ball and football even more!

On this journey, I have discovered that Denmark players are very friendly and welcoming. Not to mention having high level of skill.  Most of the Denmark players I talked to think highly of Malaysian badminton players as well. I just hope I represented Malaysia well when playing friendly game with them. But more than anything, I am just glad that now I have a group of new friends from another part of the world that have great passion for the badminton game that I love so much.

Subang Jaya Badminton Club Denmark Visit
Drinks after matches with Denmark friends
Subang Jaya Badminton Club Mens Doubles in Denmark
Men Doubles in progress

Article contributed by SJBC member and club ambassador, Leong.

For more photos, please visit our facebook photo section.


We got a surprise visit from our friends from Sydney’s Badminotn Club!

Willoughby Badminton Association (WBA) came to play at Subang Jaya Badminton Club during in May! We were pleasantly surprised by the visit and totally enjoy ourselves playing badminton with them.

having fun at subang jaya badminton club

Subang Jaya Badminton Club is linked to many different badminton clubs in the world and WBA is one of them.

WBA is a very active social badminton club located in Sydney, Australia. They have badminton players from junior to senior and from different countries. Subang Jaya Badminton Club started the friendship with WBA since early of year 2011 and has continued since. You can read about our international friendship here.

We had a lot of fun playing men doubles and mixed doubles. Our club members enjoy meeting new friends through this beautiful game of badminton. It was a great badminton session not to be forgotten!

Subang Jaya Badminton Club would like to convey our appreciation to WBA, in particular Kelly – the chair for WBA, for making this trip to play badminton with us! This visit has deepened our clubs’ mutual understanding and friendship. We are thrill to receive an invitation from WBA to visit them in Sydney!

And yes, we are definitely looking forward to our visit down South! Likewise, we welcome any WBA’s members to come to Malaysia again for more badminton.  We will be happy to show you around the Land of Badminton – Malaysia.

We love badminton!



Badminton Friendly In Singapore & New Year Message

On 23 December 2012, Subang Jaya Badminton Club (SJBC) visited the Bedok Community Sport Club badminton team in Singapore for a friendly game. The friendly game was held at Bedok, the east side of Singapore.

We had a lot of badminton fun with our friends in Singapore. We enjoyed our games as well as the warm reception Bedok folks have shown to us. We are looking forward for a revisit to Singapore for future friendly games. This first visit to Singapore marks the new beginning of a friendship between the two clubs. We welcome our friends from Singapore to visit us in Malaysia and join us at our regular club session.

Some of the Subang Jaya Badminton Club & Bedok Community Sport Club badminton players in Singapore

This international friendly game also marks the end of SJBC’s events for year 2012. We have had a great year: we ran club session on every Sunday, played many friendly matches with local and foreign badminton clubs, got to know a lot of new friends from friendly games, watched the epic Olympic match between Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan and even started badminton classes.

We are happy to now have many new players contacting us online to join as guest players on our Sunday badminton session. We welcome any fellow badminton lovers! It’s great to know that people are noticing and loving what we do here as a social badminton club. It helps us to continue to promote the love for badminton! We will keep up with that social and friendly culture that is special to our club.

In year 2013, we will continue to build open & honest relationships with all our club members as well as other clubs. We will continue to build international relationship; for example we have received invitation from foreign clubs to visit them for friendly games. We will also follow up with more social events and friendly games. We are already looking forward to a fun and exciting year 2013!

Lastly, Happy New Year to all and have a great sporting year ahead!

Warmest Wishes,


A Quest to Fulfil Childhood Badminton Dream

A friend of ours had a childhood dream of meeting the world’s top badminton players and that dream came true recently. How did he do it? Peter Phang, a youth from Seremban, Malaysia, did it by volunteering at the Olympic Games London 2012.

Still remember the recent London Olympic Games where Lee Chong Wei fought an epic battle with Lin Dan? That was the sport event where Peter was volunteering at. Yes, you guess it right. Peter is also an avid badminton lover just like us!

As one of the Wembley Team London Ambassadors, Peter’s primary duty was to ensure that Olympic visitors have a good viewing experience. He went through a lot of training and rehearsals, months before the Olympic begun, to become familiar with the Olympic events, venues routes and even the complex London Underground station map. For example, if anyone was unsure of where the Badminton games were being played, Peter was there to help. His team of ambassadors were in charge of the Wembley Arena where the Badminton tournaments are being held.

Why did he volunteer? Peter told us that being a volunteer on the sports he loves meant a lot to him. Not only did he get to watch his idols play in the court but also getting a unique experience of the Olympic Games.

In his journey of volunteering, he obtained the chance to fulfil his childhood dream. It helped a lot when you have unrestricted access to the Athletes’ Entrance where the players were, you know. He met with our world number one player Lee Chong Wei as well as Peter Gade of Denmark.

Peter meeting Lee Chong Wei
Peter meeting Peter Gade!

When asked what is the most important thing he learned being a London Ambassador? “Be polite, smile always and try to help in any way you could,” he said. And meeting your idols might just be the bonus!

We hope Peter’s journey and passion would encourage you to take action in fulfilling your dreams too!

Subang Jaya Badminton Club
~We love badminton!

A Day's Work: Meeting and Helping Olympic Visitors
Athletes' entrance: the place where you get the chance to meet the players up close and personal!
The London Olympic Ambassadors and Volunteers Training Day




Badminton Friendly Game with Monday Badminton Team (MBT)

On 22 July 2012, Subang Jaya Badminton Club (SJBC) hosted a friendly game with the Monday Badminton Team (MBT).  The friendly game was held at USJ23 Badminton Centre. Our counterpart, MBT, is a badminton team based in Puchong.

The badminton friendly is being held for the first time between SJBC and MBT. There are two parts to this badminton friendly. The first session is hosted by SJBC in July 2012 while the second session will be hosted by MBT at Puchong in August 2012.

This time around, each team was represented by 5 men doubles, 1 mix doubles and 1 women doubles. The intention of having the friendly game is to create a platform for the players from both teams to foster better relationship and understanding amongst each other.

We had a lot of fun because the game was very challenging. Tension was building up even until the final game of women doubles. For the spectators, it was also a great match to watch. This badminton friendly marks the new beginning of a friendship between the two teams. We are looking forward to another fun and exciting friendly game in coming August. We welcome our friends from MBT to come play during our regular club session too. Guys, thanks for such a good game!

If you also like to have fun playing badminton, come join us every Sunday at Subang Jaya Badminton Club!

We love badminton!

P.S. You will be able to see the rest of the friendly game photos on our facebook page.

Subang Jaya Badminton Club & Monday Badminton Team
Ready, Get Set, Go!
A challenging match for the guys
Final game - everyone on the edge of their seats!
Advice during the break

Season’s Greetings from Subang Jaya Badminton Club

Dear friends,

Subang Jaya Badminton Club wishes all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

For those who are driving, drive safely.

Thanks to all our members, we have had a great sporting year 2011! Many members said that they now look forward to the club session on every Sunday because they can enjoy the game with their friends. There were also some great friendly matches, and some where we can do better (You can see all 2011’s photos here). Our club website and facebook page are up and running. It was also good to see a lot of new faces joining our community.

We will continue to build our club in the coming year by creating more fun (sometimes adding a little weirdness), building open and honest relationships with all our members, and staying passionate about badminton. Hopefully we will see more players who share our values and culture joining us next year. In addition to that, we aim to organise an international friendly game with a foreign badminton club in the near future.

May year 2012 brings new inspiration to you.

Best wishes,

Subang Jaya Badminton Club




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Home Badminton Friendly Match with University of Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)

Subang Jaya Badminton Club with UTAR

Subang Jaya Badminton Club played the return leg of the friendly match with UTAR on 4 December 2011. The friendly match was held at USJ23 Badminton Centre. We are very glad to have the sporting players from UTAR to play with our club. Our club members also enjoyed the friendly match very much as our friends from UTAR have put up very challenging matches. It was not until the final double match that the result was determined.

The friendly match was ended with a dinner with our friends from UTAR. We used this opportunity to renew our friendships and we are already looking forward to the next friendly match with UTAR in year 2012.

For more photos on this badminton friendly match, please visit our facebook photo album.

Home Friendly match between SJBC and UTAR

Badminton Friendly Game at Suria Sports Badminton Centre

Subang Jaya Badminton Club had a friendly game with folks from KNN Badminton Social Team on 19 November 2011 (Friday). We played at the Suria Sports Badminton Centre in USJ 1 Subang Jaya, Klang Valley, Selangor. For those who know where Mydin USJ 1 is, Suria Sports Badminton Centre is located just beside Mydin USJ1.

But getting to Suria Sports Badminton Centre is quite difficult because that area is quite jam due to heavy traffic. I would suggest people to use the back road (a slight detour) to avoid the traffic jam at summit.

This is a newly open court and the place looks very spacious. Suria Sport Badminton Centre is equipped with about 30 newly installed rubber Taraflex court. We were told that our friends from KNN just moved here not too long ago. With this new court addition, USJ area is not packed with about 5 big badminton courts provider. This is great news for all fellow badminton lovers in Subang Jaya and those in Klang Valley.

We enjoyed our game on this cooling Friday evening since it was raining the whole afternoon. Thanks again to the folks from KNN for hosting us.

Below are some photos of the event. For more photos, please visit our facebook page.


subang jaya badminton club group photo
Badminton pairing photos
Great Sportsmanship!
Our Subang Jaya Badminton Club lady players and supporters!
badminton doubles game service

OneFM is coming to play at USJ23 Badminton Centre

onefm badminton at usj23 badminton centre 19 Nov 2011

OneFM is coming to play at USJ23 Badminton Centre (this is also where our club is based at) on 19th November 2011. Woohoo! It is this coming Saturday!

You will be able to play badminton with OneFM DJs, crew and local celebrities. But more importantly it is FREE! And Yonex is giving out free door gift for the first 100 registrants. The event will start from 9am to 3pm.

Remember to bring your badminton racket, shoes and a change of clothing.

Subang Jaya Badminton Club will be there as well. Do come play with us.

See you there!

Please click here to show the Google map of the venue.

Driving direction from Summit USJ to USJ23 Badminton Centre is as follows:

1. First, Summit USJ should be on your left hand side.
2. Go straight from there, and you pass by a Shell Petrol Station on your left. Go straight on and you will see a Police Station on your left (it is a big blue building).
3. Continue straight on, you will see a Petronas petrol station and also a school named “Sekolah Kompleks Wawasan” on your left.
4. Once you passed the school, you should keep to the most left lane because you are going to turn left at the next junction.
5. Turn left at the junction. Keep to your right lane after turning.
6. You will then come to a traffic light. Turn Right at the traffic light. You are now at the back of Carrefour.
7. Go straight until you see USJ23 Badminton Centre on your left hand side.