Super Hailstorm Hits Subang Jaya Hard

As I was driving to my weekly session of badminton with Subang Jaya Badminton Club on Sunday evening (13 November 2011), I was caught in furious cross wind, pouring rain and blocked roads. There was a moment I feel like a storm chaser, action packed! This super freak hailstorm was nothing I have seen before in all my years of staying in Subang Jaya or perhaps in Malaysia. As a result, most of the club members were late for the badminton session at USJ23 Badminton Centre. Thank god badminton is an indoor sport and not influence by the weather!

Main roads were blocked by fallen tree trunks and I had to detour into some USJ neighborhood to avoid the jam. But no luck, the neighborhood was also attacked by the storm fury and I still found myself trying to avoid all the fallen tree trunks in the smaller housing roads. I saw many car owners having very unfortunate faith because their cars are smashed under the fallen trees and filled with rain water, what a bummer!

Another very unlucky resident had 2 trees landed on his house in USJ9. On my way back from badminton session, I saw firemen were rushing to different parts of USJ, trying to cut the trees apart in order to clear the roads in heavy rain. Thanks to these firemen and our city council Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya, our roads were cleaned up in record time, the Malaysian efficiency at work!

even the security guard post is flying away!


big trees crushing a house in USJ9
Firemen trying to cut the tree and clear the road for traffic

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